“Punk Side Of Jazz” 
High powered instrumental concept of improvised, set theme compositions. 
J.G.Hrubes and S.Markovic have been playing with this idea for some time and here it 
finally comes as Airshift. We record first and out of this recording comes a live version 
edited and produced by J.G. and then the album/cd. Currently recording a cd “Lobster 
Got Away” with Skip McDonald and Milan Cimfe. 
J.G.Hrubes - plays drums in this project. 
Multi instrumentalist, composer and producer. Lives in London. Works and tours with 
his and singer and lyricist Andromeda J.K.'s own projects Illuminati, Omega Angels and Elysius - instrumental studio albums. Over the years was involved with various 
recording and touring projects such as: Skip McDonald /Little Axe, Tackhead/, Charles 
Hayward & Nick Doyne Ditmas /This Heat/, Nick Greenwood - bass player of Arthur 
Brown fame, to name but few. 
Stepan Markovic - sax 
Graduate from the Conservatory of Jaroslav Jezek in Prague. Long time member of Big Band Radio Prague and Gustav Brom Orchestra. The most significant achievements include for instance a cooperation with Greg Hopkins, Shirley Bassey, EBU big Band in Amsterdam, James Moody Big Band and his own jazz formations ESP band, Stepan Markovic Quartet. 
Skip McDonald - guitar 
Born in Ohio, now lives in London where he met J.G. - legendary guitarist and 
producer who played amongst others with Brand New Funk, Double Edge (3), Fats 
Comet, Fats Comet And The Big Sound, Justice League Of Zion, Mark Stewart And 
The Maffia, Static Seekers, Strange Parcels, Sugarhill Gang Band, Tackhead and now 
Little Axe. 
Milan Cimfe - bass and laptop 
Musician, sound engineer and award winning producer. Works mainly out of Sono 
recording studios, outside of Prague. Played with One Season Band, Cechomor, 
Krucipusk, Prazsky Vyber. 
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